Our clients call us when they face pressing issues ranging from editorial re-organization to a need for re-invention of their products, or the development and execution of new editorial or commercial strategies. They approach us for objective, honest, analytical, smart and experienced advice.
Our clients call us because we speak their language and know their business intimately - from the newsroom to the boardroom. They call us when they want innovation to drive their content and business forward.
We help news businesses to explore and embrace all aspects and facets of the digital news landscape.
We help them explore exciting new opportunities, invent new products and concepts, and generate sustainable revenues to finance new and old operations.
We believe in fundamental - and when required - radical innovation as the only way news businesses can thrive.
We believe in clarity of thought, elegant and fresh presentation of content and products, absolute professionalism, quality journalism, visual journalism, independence and putting audiences first and foremost.
• Editorial audits across all platforms.
• Editorial models across all platforms.
• Editorial re-positioning strategy and implementation.
• Social media and mobile news product development and design.
• New product concept and development. Launch and re-launch.
• New audience target identification and product development.
• Design models and manuals.
• Newsroom management model.
• Workflows, editorial roles and definition.
• Newsroom concept, design and architecture.
• Brand extension advice for newspapers, magazines and broadcast.
• Programming consultancy.
• Set design and on-air talent evaluation and development.
Branding, graphic presentation and corporate image consultancy.
• In house tailored training programs.

• Infographic models, training and implementation.