Management Services
We believe that old media companies should become new Information Engines™, and transform by shifting from readers to audiences and from audiences to communities.
We also believe that “the primary ethical duty of a media company is to make money,” because without profit there is no independence, without independence there is no credibility, without credibility there is no audience, and without an audience there is no advertising.
Our clients talk to us when they need to make decisions that will have lasting consequences for their teams, operations, revenues and news brands.
They approach us when insights are difficult to develop and implement internally, and when they need fresh global and experienced thinking. Our work for them, however, does not stop with the insight, concept, prototype, or business model. We commit to its launch, implementation and proven results until they succeed.
 • Online revenue models and implementation.
• Mobile revenue models and implementation.
• Start-up advice. Post-merger integration.
• Merger and acquisition planning and services. Due diligence.
• Corporate strategy development and implementation.
• Strategic plans of diversification, convergence and full multimedia integration (online + mobile + press + radio + television).
• Cost-effective operations. Operational reviews, audits and remedial advice.
• Design, direction and implementation of quality media projects for management, editorial, graphic design and organizational modernization aimed at increasing advertising revenue and audience levels.
• Business models and planning. New revenue stream identification and development.
• Improving advertising sales and methods. Classified sales – multimedia strategies.
• Printing and distribution audits and remedial support and advice.
• Increasing subscription revenues and customer retention.
• Technology strategy.
• Pricing.
• Executive search and placement.
• Advice to family-owned media companies to facilitate successful generational transitions.