Tablets and Mobile Apps
We maintain that tablets and smartphones will soon become the most important news platform for most people around the world. We develop editorial concepts, design and business models for apps on all platforms.

Over the next decade most people will have personalised news-reading experiences on digital mobile platforms that will partially replace their traditional newspaper reading habits. This news consumption will be highly personal, targeted and customized.

The mobile news experience, however, is fundamentally different to that of online news. It requires a new navigational architecture and content proposition. And it is linked to a habit of paying for mobile content.
Mobile news consumption will be far richer in its content offering, more convenient and fun than reading a traditional printed newspaper or magazine.
We believe news businesses should be investing considerable time, people and resources to master this platform and make sure their content is valued, engaging and based on a sound business model.
We provide our clients with content, design and strategic advice in order to make sure their mobile platforms follow the news consumption cycle of their audiences.
We have experience and techniques that can be applied to the daily news workflow in order to offer different content at different times and with different revenue propositions.