We believe traditional news websites do not work. They neither make money, nor create loyal audiences or unique journalistic experiences that go beyond the old media formats. We also believe the greatest blunder of the news industry in the past 50 years was to give its content away for free online.

We believe and help clients achieve unique news brands online that disaggregate their content via open platforms that focus on generating revenue without erecting imposing paywalls.
We believe good journalism is good business if you get paid for it. We have developed a unique method called News Value Finder to help clients identify which content and services they can offer for a price online and on mobile.
We also help clients develop new genres, products and experiences online which are unique to their brand of journalism and worth charging for online.
We have re-invented the news website via an innovative new concept called the News Matrix, an online news experience that embraces social media, Apps, APIS, aggregation and sourcing.
We offer content-driven designs and re-designs of online news brands introducing innovative navigational architecture which is more intuitive, sticky and easy to use.
We believe that maintaining existing news sites based on the Web 2.0 model -which does not provide needed revenues or loyal audiences - is a strategic disadvantage and a serious mistake many news businesses should avoid.